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Solstice Estate Candle

  • €49,95
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The Estate Collection is our grandest and most luxurious candle line yet, perfect for filling large spaces with our finest aromas.

This hand painted vessel, with its abstract, cloudy accents, creates an elegant focal point for any space, and sets the mood again and again with more than 100 hours of burn time.  

Our Solstice scent is exotic, sultry and sensual, evoking memories of dimly lit ancient stone ruins, and hidden nooks with whispered secrets and conversations had in hushed tones. This Spark Signature Scent has strong notes of Palo Santo, mixed with a subtle hint of Sage, then perfectly blended with the pleasing sweetness of Dahlia flowers. 


3.6"W x 4.6"H

  • Contains 20 oz of Pure Soy Wax
  • Bleach-Free Cotton Wick
  • No Phthalates, Parabens or Additives
  • Hand-Poured in Toronto
  • Burn Time: 102 Hours


The Solstice Scent Blend is also available in our Classic 10oz Matte Black Glass Candle and Custom Bulk Candle Collections.


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