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Spark Candles Signature Scents

Luxury Candle Fragrances and Custom Scents for Fully Branded Private Label Custom Candle Collections


Every hand poured candle we manufacture is held to the same quality standards. We begin with wax from 100% pure soybeans, naturally derived with no petroleum products such as paraffin. Of all the sources of wax, soy is one of the most plentiful, renewable, vegan friendly and burns cooler producing minimal soot. 

Our wicks are made from bleach-free cotton or natural real wood. Of all the sources of wax, soy is one of the most plentiful, renewable, vegan friendly and burns cooler producing minimal soot. 

Our fragrances are created using essential oils and essences imported from around the world, extracted from flowers, barks, leaves and fruits, then carefully blended for the best artisan scents. All our candles are clean burning, phthalate-free, and made without any artificial dyes.

We also offer Custom Scent Blends for clients who are interested in developing their own scent profiles.

When designing your perfect candle, you can choose from any of our Signature Aromatherapy Scent Blends below. (View Custom Candle Collection) 


Spark Candles Signature Scents

AMBER [Amber + Sage + Jasmine]

BLACK BEAR [Frankincense + Myrrh + Oud]

BLISS [Lavender + Ylang Ylang + Bergamot + Clementine]

BLOSSOM [Rose + Neroli]

CAMELOT [Patchouli + Cedarwood + Sandalwood + Cinnamon]

CHAI [Chai + Clove + Raw Sugar]

CITRUS [White Grapefruit + Pink Grapefruit + Bergamot]

COZY [Coffee Bean + Clove + Orange + Copaiba Balsam]

DARK FIG [Fig + Petitgrain + Black Currant]

DREAMY [Pineapple + Kiwi + Orange Blossom + Cherry]

EVE [Heliotrope + Almond + Saffron]

EVERGREEN [Cypress + Frasier Fir + Juniper]

FOREST [Fir + Cedarwood]

FROSTED FIR [Canadian Fir + Cedar + Sage]

FRUIT TEA [Black Tea + Cardamom + Plum + Hemp + Vetiver]

GARDEN [Sweet Basil + Rosemary + Patchouli + Ginger]

GALAXY [Neroli + Fir + Amber]

GRACE [Pear + Rose + Sandalwood]

HAVANA [Cuban Tobacco + Dark Rum + Cane Sugar]

HONEY BEE [Acai Berries + Lilac + Magnolia]

JOY [Cedarwood + Vanilla + Eucalyptus]

KOOL [Peppermint + Grapefruit + Neroli]

LUNAR [Petitgrain + Patchouli + Sandalwood + Black Pepper]

MAGIC [Plum + Pink Grapefruit + Dark Rose + Labdanum]

MEADOW [Oakmoss + Lavender + Geranium + Cedar]

MULLED [Apple + All Spice + Cedarwood]

NATURE [Sandalwood + Bergamot]

ORANGE SPICE [Orange Peel + Cedar + Juniper Berry]

PURE [Peppermint + Palmarosa + Cedarwood + Eucalyptus]

PUMPKIN [Pumpkin + Allspice]

REFRESH [Grapefruit + Cucumber + Peach]

ROOT [Rosewood Bark + Bergamot + Vetiver + Amber + Clove]

SOLSTICE [Palo Santo + Sage + Dahlia]

SPICE [Cinnamon + Clove + Vanilla + Nutmeg]

SPLASH [Grapefruit + Vanilla]

STARRY NIGHT [Lavender + Rosemary + Vanilla]

SUNSHINE [Saffron + Cedar + Bergamot]

TROPIC [Coconut + Pineapple + Orchid + Mango]

TWILIGHT [Hedione + Saffron + Tonka Bean]

UNITY [Frankincense + Cedarwood + Honey]

WOOD [Oud + Tobacco Leaf]

ZEN [Green Tea + Sandalwood]

ZEST [Yuzu + Verbena + Apricot + Ylang Ylang]


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