Meadow Premium Candle

  • £29.00
  • £32.00

Discover bright, earthy flower fields and warm woody vibes with our Meadow Premium Candle. This hand painted decor ceramic vessel emits calm and relaxing vibes, with its soft blue accent lines and neutral tones.

A soothing, bouquet of aromas with notes of fresh Oakmoss, lingering Lavender and Geranium waves, with a hint of Cedar.  

2.85"W x 3.00"H

  • Matchbox with Every Candle
  • Contains 7 oz of Pure Soy Wax
  • Bleach-Free Cotton Wick
  • No Phthalates, Parabens or Additives
  • Hand-Poured in Toronto
  • Reusable Container
  • Burn Time: 40 Hours

The Meadow Scent Blend is also available in our Custom Candle Collection.


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