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Custom 4oz Aromatherapy Soy Candle in Matte Black Tin

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Ordering a Sample Online? You'll receive a candle with Spark branding. Please contact your account rep for info on custom-branded samples.

This candle is fully customizable!

Hand Poured in Toronto, Canada and the U.S. with Eco-Friendly, Renewable Wax from Pure Soybeans, and Clean Burning, with no Paraffin, Phthalates or Parabens. 


  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Units

  • 4 oz Pure Soy Wax

  • Bleach-Free Wicks or Real Wood Wicks

  • Burn Time: 24 Hours

  • Candle: 2.6"W x 1.8"H


    Added Customization Options: Premium Label Finishes, Printed Design on Tin, Custom Gift Boxes, Wax Seal, Gemstones, Matchboxes, and more!

    Submit a Quote Request (link) and our Studio Will Reply via Email in 1-2 Days with a Personalized Quote based on your selections.


    1. Submit a Custom Quote Request

    Choose the candle styles, quantities, add-ons and packaging options you'd like, and our studio will reply via email in 1-2 days with a personalized quote based on your selections.

    2. Confirm Quantity and Styles for Your Candle Collection

    View your interactive quote, and make your selections. Your choices and pricing information will automatically update in your quote.

    If you have any questions, you can reply directly to the quote email, or in the quote chat to reach a Spark team member.

    3. Connect with a Designer

    Once your order is confirmed, you'll be paired with a designer, who'll help finalize your details, gather your artwork elements, logos, etc., and provide digital proofs of your labels and designs for review and approval ahead of production.

    4. Receive FREE Scent Samples of our Finest Fragrances

    You'll receive a Welcome Pack of scent samples hand poured in our 1oz Gold Tin Candles, so you can choose your favourite for your collection. There are Dozens of Spark Signature Fragrances to Choose From!  

    5. Approve Digital Design Proof to Send Your Collection to Production

    Our designers can help add your logo, colours, branding and custom message to any of our Custom Label Styles or submit print-ready artwork using your own design at no cost. (specs & label templates provided)

    Ahead of going to production, you'll receive a digital proof with your label and packaging designs for approval.

    6. Shipped FREE Across the U.S. and Canada

    Bulk custom candle orders receive complimentary ground and/or freight shipping to a single location across the contiguous U.S. and Canada.

    All Spark Candles are Hand Poured in Toronto, Canada and the U.S. with Eco-Friendly, Renewable Wax from Pure Soybeans, and Clean Burning, with no Paraffin, Phthalates or Parabens. 

    Our Fragrance House Creates the Finest Aromatherapy Scent Collections Using Essential Oils and Essences Imported from Around the World, Extracted from Flowers, Barks, Leaves and Fruits, then Carefully Blended into the Most Exquisite Aromas.

    Click Here to Learn More About Spark Candles.

    Click Here & Pick Your Scents with Our Welcome Pack!

    - Choose from Our Collection of Over 45 Signature Aromatherapy Scents!

    - Includes 12x 1oz Hand Poured Gold Tin Candles

    Choose from over 45 Signature Spark Aromatherapy Scent Blends:

    AMALFI [Amalfi Lemon + Orange Blossom + Jasmine + Sea Salt]

    AMBER [Amber + Sage + Jasmine]

    BEACH [Coconut + Papaya + Green Seaweed]

    BLACK BEAR [Frankincense + Myrrh + Oud]

    BLISS [Lavender + Ylang Ylang + Bergamot + Clementine]

    BLOSSOM [Rose + Neroli]

    BRULEE [Marshmallow + Vetiver + Cashmere + Creme]

    CAMELOT [Patchouli + Cedarwood + Sandalwood + Cinnamon]

    CHAI [Chai + Clove + Raw Sugar]

    CITRUS [White Grapefruit + Pink Grapefruit + Bergamot]

    COZY [Coffee Bean + Clove + Orange + Copaiba Balsam]

    DARK FIG [Fig + Petitgrain + Black Currant]

    DREAMY [Pineapple + Kiwi + Orange Blossom + Cherry]

    EMBER [Firewood + Musk + Vanilla Bean]

    EMPEROR [Chestnut + Myrrh + Clove + Cinnamon]

    EVE [Heliotrope + Almond + Saffron]

    EVERGREEN [Cypress + Frasier Fir + Juniper]

    FOREST [Fir + Cedarwood]

    FROSTED FIR [Canadian Fir + Cedar + Sage]

    FRUIT TEA [Black Tea + Cardamom + Plum + Hemp + Vetiver]

    GARDEN [Sweet Basil + Rosemary + Patchouli + Ginger]

    GALAXY [Neroli + Fir + Amber]

    GRACE [Pear + Rose + Sandalwood]

    GROW [Coriander + Pineapple + Tomato Leaf]

    HAVANA [Cuban Tobacco + Dark Rum + Cane Sugar]

    HONEY BEE [Acai Berries + Lilac + Magnolia]

    JOY [Cedarwood + Vanilla + Eucalyptus]

    KOOL [Peppermint + Grapefruit + Neroli]

    LUNAR [Petitgrain + Patchouli + Sandalwood + Black Pepper]

    MAGIC [Plum + Pink Grapefruit + Dark Rose + Labdanum]

    MEADOW [Oakmoss + Lavender + Geranium + Cedar]

    MULLED [Apple + Allspice + Cedarwood]

    NATURE [Sandalwood + Bergamot]

    ORANGE SPICE [Orange Peel + Cedar + Juniper Berry]

    PUMPKIN [Pumpkin + Allspice]

    PURE [Peppermint + Palmarosa + Cedarwood + Eucalyptus]

    REFRESH [Grapefruit + Cucumber + Peach]

    ROME [Italian Leather + Stone Pine + Jasmine]

    ROOT [Rosewood Bark + Bergamot + Vetiver + Amber + Clove]

    SOLSTICE [Palo Santo + Sage + Dahlia]

    SPICE [Cinnamon + Clove + Vanilla + Nutmeg]

    SPLASH [Grapefruit + Vanilla]

    STARRY NIGHT [Lavender + Rosemary + Vanilla]

    SUCCULENT [Aloe Vera + Strawberry + Watermelon]

    SUNSHINE [Saffron + Cedar + Bergamot]

    TROPIC [Coconut + Pineapple + Orchid + Mango]

    TWILIGHT [Jasmine + Saffron + Tonka Bean]

    UNITY [Frankincense + Cedarwood + Honey]

    WOOD [Oud + Tobacco Leaf]

    ZEN [Green Tea + Sandalwood]

    ZEST [Yuzu + Verbena + Apricot + Ylang Ylang]

    All of our essences are phthalate-free and paraben-free.

    Want to Create Your Own Custom Scent Blend?

    Click Here for More Details

    New to Spark? Try a WELCOME PACK to Sample our Signature Scent Blends

    For Custom Candle Collections, you can use and rename any of our Signature Scent Blends at no charge.

    Want to Create a Fully Branded Custom Candle Collection?

    Contact our Design Studio Today for a Quote!

    Click Here to Submit a Custom Candle Quote Request and you'll receive a tailored quote via email within 1-2 business days.

    Perfect for private & white label manufacturing, retail collections, corporate gifts, fully branded candle lines, small batch collections, promotional items and weddings.

    Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ: 100 or More Units)

    We offer bulk tiered pricing for any style in our Custom Candle Collection.

    Average Production Times:

    100-199 Candles: 3-4 weeks

    200-499 Candles: 4-5 weeks

    500-999 Candles: 5-6 weeks

    1,000-2,500 Candles: 6-8 weeks

    2,500-5,000 Candles 10-12 weeks

    5,000-10,000+ Candles 12-16 weeks

    If you're on a tight deadline, please contact us for an estimated ship date. Transit times vary depending on location and courier scheduling. Once shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

    Please note, production schedules may vary based on season and level of customization required.

    Rush orders and expedited shipping options are available, subject to scheduling, stock availability, and may incur a rush fee.

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