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5 Reasons We Use Soy Wax

5 Reasons We Use Soy Wax

Spark Candles uses pure, non-GMO soy wax in all their candles. It is a renewable resource that supports local farmers and is one of the cleanest burning waxes you can use.

Here are 5 reasons why soy wax is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly choice!


1. Soy is Sustainable

Soy wax is sustainable. Soybeans are grown by farmers that produce all kinds of products and foods, and are a renewable resource. Paraffin wax is derived from oil, which is non-renewable, and with growing concerns over bee populations, beeswax is less sustainable than the more plentiful soy wax.


2. Soy Burns Cleaner

Soy wax burns cleaner and produces as little as 10 percent of the soot when compared to a paraffin wax candle. That means cleaner air in your home.


3. Soy Burns Longer

While soy candles are usually more expensive than paraffin and other oil-based candles, they burn longer. They also produce less heat than paraffin waxes, so you’re enjoying a gentler flame that lasts and lasts. 


4. Easy Clean Up

Soy is very easy to clean up. So whether you’ve decided to reuse the container, or accidentally spilled some wax, there’s less fuss over the mess. A little dish soap and some warm water is enough to wipe up spills and get rid of wax residue on surfaces and off your candle containers.


5. Better Air Quality

Most people burn candles indoors. Burning paraffin waxes indoors produces more emissions than soy, which can build up on your walls, windows, and upholstered furniture.