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Eucalyptus Scented Soy Candles

If you've ever walked into a room that just felt stuffy, eucalyptus scented soy candles may be the perfect way to clear the air. Eucalyptus essential oils have been used for many years to relieve coughing, sore muscles, and chest congestion. Many over the counter cough suppressants include eucalyptus as an ingredient for its all natural ability to relieve sinus sniffles, as well as cold and flu symptoms. Bathhouses and aromatic steam rooms frequently use eucalyptus oil to clear the chest, throat, and cleanse the body, allowing for deeper breaths and a greater connection between mind and body.

Long known as an anti-inflammatory, eucalyptus oil can also help stimulate your immune system, with its minty, almost sweet pine scent, that increases energy and helps you breathe easy. Eucalyptus trees tend to grow closely together, producing a range of diverse scents and subtle notes. Our eucalyptus oils are imported from Australia and South Africa, then carefully blended to create our signature Spark Candles essences.



Eucalyptus Essential Oil Scent Benefits Aromatherapy Soy Candles
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